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Welcome to Life Images by Jill.........Stepping into the light and bringing together the images and stories of our world.
Through my blog I am
seeking to preserve images and memories of the beautiful world in which we live and the people in it.
I am a Freelance Journalist and Photographer based in Bunbury, Western Australia. My published work specialises in Western Australian travel articles and stories about inspiring everyday people. My passion is photography, writing, travel, wildflower and food photography.
Most recently I have been enjoying exploring other art genres, including Eco-dyeing.
I hope you enjoy scrolling through my blog. To visit other pages, please click on the tabs above, or go to my Blog Archive on the side bar. Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of any of my posts. I value your messages and look forward to hearing from you.If you like my work, and would like to buy a print, or commission me for some work, please go to my "contact me" tab.
Thank you for visiting my blog and helping me "step into the light".



Reading List

Recent Books I have read

  •  Waiting for Rain - poems by Janet Wells - (station life in the West Kimberley 1970s-1980s).
  • Golden Earrings - by Belinda Alexandra (a story that takes us belween the Spanish Civil War in the early 1900, and Paris in the 1970s. Ballet and Flamenco. Passions and betrayals)
  • A Parrot in the Pepper Tree - by Chris Stewart (continuing story of their life in Spain)
  • Lioness - by Katherine Scholesa young girl, an Australian medical researcher, a Zulu field station worker, and a lioness and her clubs - and what happens when their worlds collide in Tanzania.
  • Driving Over Lemons - by Chris Stewart (at 17 Chris retired as the drummer of Genesis and became a sheep-shearer and travel writer, eventually buying a remote mountain farm with his wife in Andalucia, Spain).
  • Women of Letters - curated by Marieke Hardy & Michaela McGuire (compiled from literary afternoons with some of Australia's finest dames of stage, screen & page)
  •  The Paperbark Shoe - by Goldie Goldbloom - (A story of love and loss and the far-reaching repercussions of war, Set in the early 1940s in the Western Australian wheatbelt town of Wyalkatchem, two Italian POWs, Antonio and John come to work on the farm of Mr Toad, and his wife Gin Boyle, an albino, classically trained pianist, who are exiles in their own country.)

    • Buz Feel Safe Feel Right Books for children by Steve Heron, with illustrations by Deb Prentice - The Land the Other Side of the Rainbow, Picked Last, Skimming Stones, The Magpie who wasn't a Chicken, The Ging, A Terrible Secret (www.buildupzone.com - SW Precision Print Busselton)
    •  The Zookeeper's Wife - by Diane Ackerman - the amazing story of Antonina & Jan Zabinski who smuggled Jews from the Warsaw ghetto and hid them in their zoo during WW2. 
    • Geogiana Molloy, The Mind That Shines - by Bernice Barry. A comprehensively researched biography of one of Australia's first female botanical collectors in the late 1830s, early 1840s, during the early days of south west Western Australian settlement. Boronia molloyae - Tall Boronia - was named after her.
    • The Photographer's Wife - by Suzanne Joinson - Prue takes us on a journey across the years between England and Jerusalem. 
    • Going Solo - by Roald Dahl - adventures in Africa as a young man
    • Boy - Tales of Childhood - by Roald Dahl
    • Short and Twisted 2017 - anthology edited by Kathryn Duncan
    • The Corfu Trilogy - by Gerald Durrell - (Three classic tales of childhood on the island paradise of Corfu where Gerald's family lived for 5 years in the 1930s.) My Family and Other Animals, Birds, Beast and Relatives, The Garden of the Gods. 
    • The Dressmaker - by Rosalie Ham (set in a small Australian country town, the story centres around Tilly Dunnage, a bittersweet comedy about love, revenge and haute couture).
    • The Chocolate Tin - by Fiona McIntosh (a Chocolate Tin found on a dead soldier in France at the end of WW2, brings its finder to York)
    • Joiner Bay & Other Stories - Margaret River Short Story Competition 2017
    • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows (letters back and forth to Guernsey following WW2)
    • Rabbits and Rosaries - a memoir by Glenys Yeoman (her life as a Nun and beyond)
    • War Horse - by Michael Morpurgo
    • Stories from Suburban Road - TAG Hungerford (Life as a boy & young man in suburban South Perth 1920-1939)
    • Straightshooter - TAG Hungerford - Collection of 3 books - Stories from Suburban Road (1920-1939), A Knockabout with a Slouch Hat (1942-1951), Red Rover All Over (1952-1986) 
    • My Family and Other Animals - by Gerald Durrell
    • Stories from the Swinging 60s - Have a Go News, Concept Media, Western Australia
    • The Dalai Lama's Cat - by David Michie (a delightful story told in the voice of HHC, His Holiness's Cat, little Snow Lion, which gently imparts to the reader some of the Dalai Lama's teachings)
    • Why is Art Full of Naked People and other Vital Questions - by Susie Hodge (a children's book but lots of answers to those questions!)
    • Girl with a Pearl Earring - by Tracey Chevalier  (the girl behind the Johannes Vermeer's 1665 painting)
    • Dropping In - by Geoff Havel (teenage novel - skateboarding friends and a boy in a wheelchair)
    • The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Tears of the Giraffe - by Alexander McCall Smith
    • The Runaway Quill - Anthology 2016 - by the South Side Quills
    • Barefoot - by Elin Hilderbrand (3 women escape to a seaside cottage for the summer)
    • The Newspaper of Claremont Street - by Elizabeth Jolley (a cleaning lady saves money for a better life)
      Books read for the 2016 Reading Challenge - 
      completed October 2016

    •  Brave New World - by Aldous Husley (a book which was banned at some point -
      Published in 1932, and banned in Australia from 1932 to 1937)

    • My Brilliant Career - by Miles Franklin (a book published before I was born)

    • Sister Heart - by Sally Morgan (a book recommended by my local librarian)

    • Rebecca - by Daphne Du Maurier (a book I've already read at least once)

    • Travels with My Aunt - by Graham Greene (a book I previously abandoned)

    • Wild Cat Falling - by Colin Johnson (a book that intimidates you....I'm not necessarily saying it intimidated me, but it was an interesting read about a side of life that I am not familiar with)

    •  The Old Man and the Sea - by Ernest Hemingway (a book you should have read at school - except that I did read it because it was a set novel - I read all the novels we had to read! I think re-reading it now I have a greater appreciation of this novel)

    • A Kiss from Mt Fitzgerald - by Natasha Lester (a book published this year 2016)

    • I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced - by Nujood Ali with Delphine Minoui (a book I own but have never read...till now)

    • Still Alice - by Lisa Genova (a book you have been meaning to read)

    • Jonathon Livingston Seagull - by Richard Bach (a book that can be read in one day)

    • Daughter of the Territory - by Jacqueline Hammar (a historical novel)

    • In Love and War, Nursing Heroes - by Liz Byrski (a book chosen by you by your sibling)


    •  Other books read in 2016

    •  Love, Life and Elephants - by Dame Daphine Sheldrick - David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

    • A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar - by Suzanne Joinson 

    •  The Long Hot Summer - by Mary Moody

    •  Shibboleth and other stories - Margaret River Short Story Competition 2016

    • True North - The story of Mary & Elizabeth Durack - by Brenda Niall

    •  Kimberley Warrior - The story of Jandamarra - by John Nicholson

    • Big Magic -  by Elizabeth GIlbert 

    • Wife on the Run - by Fiona Higgins

    • Pre 2016

      In February 2016 by some quirk of blogging and computers and probably inattention on my part, I lost my reading list that I have accumulated over several years.
      So in no particular order below is a "bit" of my list. I know there are more, and sadly I don't have the names of the books that were lent to me by friends to read.

      The Little Paris Bookshop - by Nina George
      Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes - by Eleanor Coerr
      Lost Boy and Other Stories - Margaret River Short Story Competition 2015
      Esio Trot - by Roald Dahl
      War Horse - by Michael Morpurgo  
      Pennies for Hitler - by Jackie French
      The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - by John Boyne
      Finding Jasper - by Lynne Leonhardt
      To Kill of Mockingbird - by Harper Lee
      Go Set a Watchman - by Harper Lee
      Ellis Rowan - The Flower Hunter  -  by Christine & Michael Morton-Evans
      Foreign Soil - by Maxine Beneba Clarke
      The Light Between Oceans - by ML Stedman
      Was it Something I Said - by Ros Thomas
      Wild - by Cheryl Strayed
      Reflections - by Jo Robertso
      Doing Good - by James McRobert
      A Mother's Song - by Michael Finaghty
      A Stranger in my Street - by Deborah Burrows
      A Time of Secrets - by Deborah Burrows  
      Now I See - Edited by Angela Blakston
      The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
      Blackboards, Bubbles and Cappuccinos - by Ruth Tearle
      The Hills of Tuscany - by Ferenc Mate
      The Seamstress - by Geraldine Wooller
      The Book Thief - by Markus Zusak
      The Help - by Kathryn Stockett
      Light Between Oceans - by ML Stedman
      My Forbidden Face - by Latifa
      Veiled Courage - by Cheryl Benard
      Dear Mum - by Julia Morris
      The Five Foot Road - by Nagus McDonald
      Atonement - by Ian McEwan
      Desert Dawn - by Waris Dirie
      Maalika - by Valerie Browning
      Mama Jude - by Judy Steele with Michael Sexton 
      Red Dog - by Louis deBernieres
      White Coolies - by Betty Jeffrey
      A Year in the Merd - by Stephen Clarke
      Other Voices - short stories from the Peter Cowan Writers' Centre
      Best Foot Forward - Edited by Lee Atkinsona and Lee Mylne
      The Trouble with Flying and Other Stories - Margaret River Short Story Competition 2014
      Knitting and Other Stories - Margaret River Short Story Competition 2013
      Things that Are Found in Trees and other stories - Margaret River Short Story Competition 2012
      The No 1 Ladies' detective Agency - by Alexander McCall Smith
      Whatever You Do Don't Run - by Peter Allison
      Territory - by Judy Nunn
      The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Deborah Moggach
      Salvation Creek - by Susan Duncan
      The House at Salvation Creek - by Susan Duncan
      The Briny Cafe - by Susan Duncan
      Gone Fishing - by Susan Duncan
      Cloud Street - by Tim Winton
      The Albanian - by Donna Mazza
      Travel Etcetera - by Stephen Scoufield
      Number Two Home - by Noreen Jones
      Left Bank Waltz - by Elaine Lewis
      Left Bank - by Kate Muir
      Slow Journey South - by Paula Constant
      Sinning Across Spain - by Ailsa Piper
      Honeymoon In Purdah - by Alison Wearing
      Eat Pray Love - by Elizabth Gilbert
      Africa - by Sorrel Wilby
      Seven Years in Tibet - by Heinrich Harrer
      A Promise to Nadia - by Zana Muhsen
      The Rabbit Proof Fence - by Doris Pilkinton / Nugi Garimara
      Wine and War - by Don & Petie Kladstrup
      My Other World - by Margaret Whitlam
      Under the Tuscan Sun - by Francis Mayes
      Encore Provence - by Peter Mayle
      The Lavender Keeper - by Fiona McIntosh
      I'm Over All That - by Shirley MacLaine
      Travelling Tales - by Charles Wooley
      Outback Heroines - by Sue Williams
      Women of the Outback - by Sue Williams
      Sheer Bottled Bliss - by Ian Parmenter
      Elephant Dance - by Tammie Matson
      Dry Water - by Tammie Matson
      Unaccountable Hours - by Stephen Scourfield

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